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Innova Green EnergyVentilation Division


Innova Green Energy,S.L.
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Barcelona, Spain.


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Innova Green: Actively seeking applications through Renewable Energies. We Innovate & Integrate. At Innova Green, we search, innovate, share & discuss with our customers multitude of possibilities regarding renewables.


Innova Green is a group of professionals from different backgrounds and expertise to get the best out of each other and have different views and to discuss it, in order to develop new products in renewable energy. We believe it is a good idea to do “brainstormings”among people with diverse ideas in different fields to make innovative products.

About Us

Innova Green Energy is the  manufactrurer of this innovative Industrial Solar Fan, a ventilation system that has got no running electricity cost.


The system gets de power straight from the sun radiation being completely autonomous and working at its highest speed at the hottest hours.

Thinking about the future

Doesn't make sense that If we know that electricity cost will only rise up in the near future, shouldn't we develope smart applications trough renewables which use minimum power to run and If possible none ??


These applications are a reality nowadays, we just have to go for them !

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